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Data and Analytics

Data is a strategic asset for all federal agencies which can help them in making informed decisions that can save lives, spend taxpayer dollars efficiently, detect and neutralize fraud. Our Data and Analytics solutions include Data Strategy, Data Governance, Data Engineering, Visual Analytics, Data Science and Chief Data & Analytics Officer Advisory Services.

Data Strategy

We analyze, develop vision and create a data strategy, through roadmaps, stakeholder management, and implementation planning and execution to deliver your business and mission objectives.

Data Governance

Our Data governance solutions enable our federal customers to define clear ownership, be compliant with business rules, meet operational capabilities, seamless stakeholder interactions and facilitate easy decision-making processes.

Data Science

We extract knowledge and explore insights from your structured and unstructured data and provide meaningful predictive patterns and insights derived from your data. Our experience includes applying statistical and predictive models and machine learning algorithms to generate business insight, such as:

  • Anomaly detection to detect tax payer fraud

  • Insider and Outside Cyber Threat Analysis

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) for IT Help desk, HR and Procurement organizations

Visual Analytics

We help building both Enterprise Analytics as well as Self-service data discovery platforms (Tableau, PowerBI) for Enterprise users as well as business users. Our experience includes

  • Architect, Build and Maintain Business Intelligence and Visualization Centers of Excellence (CoEs)

  • Building dashboards and reports

  • Tools Bake off

  • Section 508 Testing

  • Brownbag sessions

  • Training

Data Engineering

We design and build distributed, scalable and reliable data infrastructure which includes

  • Data lakes, Data warehouses, Data marts

  • Extract Transform Load /Extract Load Transform

  • Data and Analytics Center of Excellence

  • Access control policies

  • Proof of Values, Tool selection and Best practices

Data Advisory Services

Our advisory services assist the Chief Data & Analytics Officer in building partnerships with both internal and external customers for greater and more focused insights. We help in defining, fostering and embedding a culture of data and analytics, insight-based decision making whilst effectively safeguarding citizen data and breaking down silos. Our solutions:

  • Drive AI/ML adoption

  • Embrace cloud native data solutions

  • Enable self-service data analytics

  • Ensure a clean data lineage

  • Compliant with latest legislative and cyber mandates

Intelligent Automation

We empower the human creativity with our scalable Intelligent Automation (IA) solutions that assist federal agencies achieve higher levels of productivity, efficiency and compliance and cost reduction. We achieve this by creating solutions in the fields of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our IA solutions enable process orchestration to make smarter decisions and achieve end-to-end AI-Driven Process Automation.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software technology solution for the automation of business processes. RPA allows federal agencies to automate manual, repetitive and rules-based business processes in a non-intrusive way by leveraging the existing infrastructure of underlying systems (without any “rip and replacement”).An RPA automation solution provides your agency with the following benefits.

  • Eliminates manual processes

  • Decreases costs

  • Raises productivity

  • Increases quality by reducing error rates

  • Improves compliance

  • Raises employee satisfaction

  • Attract new talent (by positioning it as a cool workplace)

Our RPA framework includes:

  • Robotic Operations Center(ROC)

  • Bot as a Service(BaaS)

  • Managed Service(On Prem, Hybrid, Gov Cloud)

  • Domain specific assessment artifacts (eg: Procurement or IT Help desk)

  • Reusable Components

  • Accelerators

Machine Learning

Federal agencies are awash with data. Machine learning (ML) applies statistical techniques to these large data sets by looking for patterns and then generates an implementation code (called Model) that lets agencies recognize those patterns.

  • Our ML solutions include an iterative software development and model management. We have deep expertise in configuring and provisioning environments for training and serving machine learning models.

  • Our ML models can be deployed using Command Line Interface (CLI) or Software Development Kits (SDK). DevOps teams can integrate the CLI to automation while developers consume the SDK from IDEs such as Jupyter Notebooks, VS Code, or PyCharm.

  • Our ML solutions are built using enterprise automated machine learning platforms such as Azure ML Studio, Data Robot and H2O.Ai as well as custom development using SAS, Python, R or Jupyter.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Federal agencies missions which include citizen-facing roles like health and social services, border services, revenue, pensions, and social security, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can really boost the citizen satisfaction and help scale the needs with reduced costs and greater efficiency. Anika Systems AI solutions deliver value at scale by setting up an automation ecosystem, bringing in operational excellence and implementing use cases. Our AI solutions include

  • AI maturity assessment

  • Center of Excellence(CoE) setup

  • Use case discovery

  • Cognitive Solutions like Sentiment Analysis, Image Analytics and Speech Recognition

  • Building Chatbot frameworks

Enterprise IT Modernization

In our view any application that impedes business process change is considered a Legacy application. These legacy applications may run on mainframe environments or on a deprecated software platform that the vendor has stopped supporting. Outdated legacy environments hinder progress, burden agencies with high maintenance costs and impede the ability to attract employees with necessary skill sets. We assist your agency in building a lean, robust and future-forward IT asset portfolio designed to migrate from the existing applications, reduce operating expenses and produce tangible business outcomes. We classify IT Modernization into the following areas:

  • Cloud Solutions (Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Gov Cloud)

  • Application Modernization (Legacy Code Conversion, DevSecOps/DataOps using Agile/Kanban Frameworks)

  • Infrastructure Modernization (SDN, Hyperconverged Infrastructure)

  • Digital Transformation (Low code Platforms, Intelligent intranets, Desktop as a Service, Mobility)

Our Approach to Enterprise Modernization involves

Business Process Modernization

  • Plan - Identify Business Processes

  • Transform - Streamline and Enhance

  • Implement - Validate and Rollout

Application and Infrastructure Modernization

  • Plan - Analyzing Legacy Code, software and hardware

  • Transform - Application and Infrastructure Architecture

  • Implement - Writing and Delivering Quality Software to convert from COBOL/ALC to Java/.Net or other Modern Languages. Consolidation and upgrade of legacy infrastructure. Integration with cloud, mobile and web services

Cloud Engineering

Cloud Transformation continues to be one of the major investment priorities for federal agencies and effective strategy can bring agility, instant scalability and operational simplicity across the organization.

We help federal agencies develop complete cloud strategy allowing businesses to do seamless migration of their applications and eliminating uncertainty. We work with your IT and Business Divisions to assess the following areas:

  • Agencies’ readiness

  • Current Architecture and Target State Architecture

  • Gov Cloud vs. Private Cloud vs. Hybrid evaluations

  • Risk and impact analysis

  • Timelines, process, tools, resources and budget

Our Approach to Cloud Engineering involves


  • Identify Key drivers

  • Assess application inventory

  • Capture data


  • Establish framework

  • Indentify services

  • Finalize vendor platforms and architecture


  • Plan, estimate, prioritize

  • Define roadmap

  • Pilot with business case

  • Define future architecture


  • Remediate/Migrate Apps

  • Document code change & configurations

  • Migrate Database/Apps

  • Validate and accept


  • Support transition plan

  • Implement periodic review plan

  • Update catalog

  • Overview monitoring


Anika Systems has deep working relationship with Microsoft as an Azure Gold Certified Partner which includes building rapid prototypes using multiple open source tools as well as Azure DevOps pipelines, Azure Container Service, Git Enterprise, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL Warehouse, Azure SQL database and Azure Databricks. We host our customer’s solutions in Azure Gov Cloud and host our own infrastructure in Azure Public Cloud.

Anika Systems has extensive expertise and a proprietary pipeline framework that helps agencies in accelerating their Continuous Integration (CI) initiatives and enable fast track DevSecOps adoption. We developed rich set of best practices that can help accelerate CloudBees Jenkins deployments. We also assist agencies to understand and embrace the platform capabilities including team management, role-based access, monitoring and developer collaboration.

Anika Systems is a Diamond partner of UiPath, the No.1 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software. We also are a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Premier Federal Services partner of UiPath. We have built extensive set of connectors, accelerators, reference and reusable frameworks and a very scalable server architecture that can be deployed in the customers on-premise, Hybrid Cloud and Gov Cloud environments. We also provide Bot as a Service (BaaS) which is a cloud based UiPath subscription solution allowing federal agencies to lease Robots as needed in order to automate manual and repetitive tasks.

Anika Systems is a RedHat Federal partner with extensive experience in building both infrastructure and application development solutions using RedHat suite of products such as OpenShift, RedHat Linux, JBoss and BRMS.

Anika Systems has been a Federal Services partner of Pivotal Greenplum for over a decade. We have architected, built and maintained Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA) based large multi-terabyte Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Data warehouse environments across federal agencies such as IRS and CFTC.

Anika Systems has deep expertise in building self-service data discovery analytics using Tableau including building Centers of excellence.