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Our Services


Anika Systems services include comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehousing (DW) and Big Data solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions


Support effective decision-making with practical intelligence derived from reliable data, delivered through Anika Systems Business Intelligence solutions.

Unearth new insights, increase operational efficiency and manage risk. Ask questions and get answers quickly in a format suited to your needs – from Web-based portals to executive dashboards. Empower your operational frontline with real-time dashboards and alerts for fully informed decisions.

Anika Systems manages integrated Business Intelligence solutions through their lifecycle, and offers consulting on specific project phases. Anika Systems helps you pick the ideal solution that provides an easy interface to the data present on Hadoop, the RDBMS and MPP DWs, and create a common platform for doing BI and analytics over that data.


Our specific BI services include


  • Agency wide setup of BI Core Competency Center(BICCC)
  • BI Strategy
  • BI Enterprise adoption
  • BI Turnaround
  • SAP Business Objects Setup
  • SAP Business Objects Education & training
  • Mobile BI


Information Management Solutions


  • Agency wide setup of Information Management Core Competency Center (IMCCC)
  • Help determine the right Data Integration tool based on your agency needs
  • Assess the current state of your Information Management environment
  • Step-by-step Data Integration roadmap
  • Tool upgrades Leverage the latest version of your current suite, or migrate away from your legacy tool to a more supported tool
  • Complete Data Integration service, as part of a broader, end-to-end
  • Information Management solution, or as support for an ongoing project
  • Data Mart/Warehouse Design
  • Data Migration/Extraction


Big Data Solutions


We recognize the growing importance of Big Data and analytics to data-driven organizations. Hence, Anika Systems has built expertise in various Big Data and analytics in the proprietary and Open Source tools and technologies. We have a strong focus and established thought leadership in the area of Big Data analytics.

Our structured approach and adoption of best practices have helped users reduce costs and provide value to our customers. We have also been working with various established and emerging technologies in the Big Data space and providing solutions fitted to the specific needs of customers. Anika Systems has been working on the following technologies in recent years:


  • Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Data Warehouse Platforms

    Shared-nothing MPP (massively parallel processing) architecture has been designed from the ground up for BI and analytical processing using commodity hardware

    Shared-nothing architecture is optimal for fast queries and loads because processors are placed as close as possible to the data itself for faster operations with the maximum degree of parallelism possible

    Anika Systems has extensive experience in architecting, implementing and managing MPP data warehouse solutions. Our specific services include:

              - Agency wide setup of MPP Core Competency Center
              - MPP Strategy
              - EMC Greenplum Certified Specialists


  • Hadoop Ecosystem

    Anika Systems uses Hadoop for consolidating large-scale data from a variety of new and legacy sources. Its analysis and processing tools enable you to realize immediate value in various agencies that deal with huge amount of data.